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Valid License

Valid Insurance

Vehicle Deposit

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Welcome to the Legacy Rides FAQ section! We understand that you may have some questions about our luxury car rental and chauffeur services. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions with their answers

Legacy Rides site is located at The Star(Cowboy Headquarters) in Frisco, TX. We also offer delivery to both airports. Have a special request? Let us know we will try our best to accommodate.

1. Minimum age of 21. All drivers under age 25 may include a young driver fee.
2. Driver's License (Photocopy)
3. Credit or Debit Card (Will be kept on file)
4. Auto Insurance (Copy of Insurance Card and Proof of Insurance questionnaire will be collected and recorded)
5. May undergo: FULL background checks (Includes motor vehicle reports (MVRs) and criminal record
6. Secure deposit starts at $500

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Only people listed on the reservations of the car with their provided Driver's License and Proof of Insurance, shall be responsible and allowed to drive the secured vehicle. If found in violation of the signed Renter's Agreement, the Client will be held responsible and denied the full refund of their Security Deposit.

Whether you are entitled to receive a full, partial, or no refund, it all depends on the circumstances involved; and the refund will only be awarded via Credit Card, Debit Card or Zelle.

* Cancellation: Regardless of the payment method, i.e whether the client made payment through a Hold or Security Deposit, they may cancel free of any charges, on or before 24 hours prior to the scheduled Check-In time. Legacy Rides has the right to refuse the full or partial amount paid by the Client if they chose to cancel within 24 hours prior to the scheduled Check-Out time.

* Late Return: A Late Return Fee of $200 will be applied if the Client exceeds the 30-minute grace period past the scheduled Check-In time unless discussed otherwise with Luxury Miami management. Post the Check-In inspection the Late Return fee will be posted in the Final Invoice. The Late Return Fee along with any other penalties will be deducted from the Security Deposit.

✓ Mileage: You are given a mileage to cover about 100 miles per day for every Legacy Rides Vehicle. We may offer an Additional Mileage option with 200 miles per day for a set price only with selected vehicles. Exceeding the allotted daily mileage will result in an additional Mileage Fee of $4.00 to $9.00 per mile depending on the car model.

✓ Fuel Service: We provide Client's with a full tank of fuel for their booking. The level of fuel is measured in 8 Parts valued at $10 per part ($10/Per Part) and total to start at $80.00 for the full Fuel Service. Client's must return the vehicle with a full tank of fuel, or they will be charged for the missing part count measured in the Check-In Inspection.

Any inquiries or questions will be answered promptly and can be directed via Email: info@mylegacyrides.com

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5 Star Experience

The Legacy Rides was established with one intention, to offer the highest quality rentals with uncompromised service. Each rental delivers the highest quality experience with rides you won’t forget. In addition, to a full professional chauffeur service.

Charles G.
Charles G.
Mar 3, 2024
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Great car and great place to rent from I'll be renting again iin the near future
Alec W.
Alec W.
Feb 20, 2024
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Legacy Rides was a pure pleasure to rent from! Upon arrival, our flight was delayed and they coordinated to deliver the car next door to the hotel we were staying at. The car was delivered in Read More
Ryan A.
Ryan A.
Jul 23, 2023
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Such a great ride! The service was great & their team was so helpful throughout the whole process. Car is amazing & their service was even better. 100% recommend you'll love this ride!!
Kenneth J.
Kenneth J.
Jul 4, 2023
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Wonderful car! Very luxurious, clean, and easy to drive. More amenities than you could imagine. Plenty of space, and loved that it had a third row. Host was great as well. Would definitely rent again!
Ryan W.
Ryan W.
Dec 11, 2023
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Great company to rent from! Professional and easy to deal with. Car in incredible

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