Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S“EVA”



Leather Seats, LED Lighting, Audio system, rain sensors, air conditioning, panoramic roof…

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$200 / Per Day

Tesla Model S“EVA” Overview

The Tesla Model S is the Flagship model of the brand. Its sleek design with its white exterior with chrome deleted accents allows you to appreciate it’s craftsmanship. The combination of alluring shape and sensational speed is quite electric. Perfect for the Business Professional, Special Occasion or maybe you are looking to buy one and needing a leisure test drive!

Here is what makes this vehicle awesome:
🔹 FREE Charging at any Tesla Supercharging Station (Be sure to unplug the charger within 5 minutes of full charge. You are responsible for any idle fee
🔹 325 @ RPM Torque – Enhanced Auto Pilot with Self Driving
🔹Instant On-Tap All-Electric Power straight to the wheel
🔹200+ Miles Range (Do not let charge level drop below 40 miles)
🔹 17” Cinematic Infotainment Display
🔹Self-Presenting Door Handles
🔹GPS Navigation & Satellite Maps with real-time Live Traffic-based Routing
🔹Smart Climate Control
🔹Driving Tesla for first Time?? Watch this video


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